Website script for reducing links without a database

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Video instructions:

Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Download the site script:
  2. Upload the archive to your hosting (we recommend hosting host. web. site)
  3. Unzip the archive to the desired folder (
  4. To change the data on the site, open the file index.php and we change all the names and everything you want.
    That’s all the site for reducing links works! 🙂

PHP 5. x or higher
Server with PHP
File support .htaccess

Sample site:

Download for free the website script for URL shortener URL Shortener is a ready-made website that processes long URLs and compresses them into fewer characters. This script uses the TinyURL API, so it doesn’t need a database, and the script uses your own domain. ( / short link)
Shortener from long URL to short URL
Using ajax technology
No database required, but support is required .htaccess and php
Adaptive design, for PCs and smartphones
Simple Template

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UWebsite development and promotion
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