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The most basic parts
$ 41
99 *
  • Virus protection
  • Treatment and recovery
  • Fixing technical problems


Security and Updates
$ 138
99 *
  • Virus protection
  • Treatment and recovery
  • Fixing technical problems
  • Updating programs
  • Protection against hacking
  • Technical analysis of the site
  • SEO site analysis


Security and maintenance
$ 346
99 *
  • Standard tariff"
  • Adding Pages
  • Correction of information
  • SEO promotion

The site is a field!

Imagine that your website is a field that, without proper care for it, will simply wither and stop bearing fruit. Do you need such a field?

Save your time!

You do not need to spend your precious time on solving technical problems. Do what is most important, and we will take care of your site.

We have been developing and maintaining websites for many years, and we know how to do it right!

We will support your website

I can go about my business in peace, when nothing superfluous bothers me!

- Alina

Any other questions?

The site is a technically complex program that requires proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, as in any program, there may be failures, and they can appear at any time. There may also be human factors, mistakes made by the site administrator, or the intervention of third-party malevolent persons.

Most often, the sites that we serve are created on the WordPress platform, but this does not exclude the possibility of serving sites on Tilda, WIX, uCoz, Joomla, MODX, Bitrix and other platforms or handwritten sites. In such cases, everything is discussed individually and a decision is made.

First, you need to decide what kind of site you have, if it is a Landing Page or a Portfolio site, then the “MICRO” tariff is most often suitable.

In general, the “MICRO” tariff for the start is suitable for everyone!

The STANDARD” tariff is most often chosen by Corporate Sites, because their functionality is already wider and requires more intervention. This rate is also recommended for Landing Pages and Portfolio sites.

Well, the “MAXIMUM” tariff is most often suitable for Online Stores, of course, because not only safety is important here, but also high-quality traffic. The “MAXIMUM” tariff is not disdained by other sites such as Corporate ones.

What will you choose? It’s up to you! But remember, security is the key to success, a website is also a property that can reach a high price!

  • Virus protection – Daily check of the site against viruses.
  • Treatment and recovery – treatment of the site from viruses (viruses can get in different ways) and its restoration, if treatment is not possible. As well as restoring the site due to various errors, deleting information, and more.
  • Correction of those. troubleshooting – troubleshooting errors after a failed software update. Eliminate distortion.
  • Software updates – A website is a set of micro programs that require constant updates and proper installation.
  • Protection against hacking – installing additional protection programs and strengthening control against hacking
  • Technical analysis of the site – Checking the site for technical serviceability, errors, and more.
  • SEO site analysis – checking the site by indicators in search engines
  • Adding pages – add the necessary pages and products, complete design (spending time on your site for up to 20 hours a week)
  • Correction of information – making changes to existing pages
  • SEO management – improve the site’s position in search queries, raise the site statistics
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UWebsite development and promotion
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